Teaching and Community Artist

In 2000, Theresa was trained at the Academy Theatre in the art of “play creation”–a creative process that incorporates theatre, music, movement, visual art, and writing to help a community develop an original performance based on its own experience.  Partnered with a counselor at The Bridge, a youth residential psychiatric facility, she worked with youth for six weeks.  This workshop culminated in an original piece entitled, “If You Only Knew”.  The experience of seeing a young lady who refused to be touched take the hand of her fellow actors so that they could bow together inspired Theresa to further pursue the healing powers of the arts.

Theresa uses the arts to empower and educate marginalized communities—incarcerated, homeless, at-risk youth, English as a Second Language, elderly, and others.

In 2010, Theresa received an Alternate ROOTS C-APP grant as a member of the “May I See Your ID Collective” to teach a series of writing/acting/movement/music workshops to the citizens of West Baltimore leading to the development of an original piece called “Conversations With Time” that was performed in the Alternate ROOTS 35th Anniversary Performance Festival.  This art installation/performance project launched a creative bridge between people over 60 and those under 25 with the help of everyone in-between.

Theresa is a proud member of Alternate ROOTS, a southeastern-based arts organization which is committed to social change through community art.