Creative Artist

Theresa has enjoyed creative writing from a young age.  Her poems were first published at age 12 in an anthology by students in the Young Gifted Writers Program at Chestertown College (now Washington College). Her work as appeared in several nationally distributed magazines, including “Journeys”.  In addition to poems, Theresa has written monologues, lyrics, and a one-woman show based on her family called “The Rope in the Closet”.  Her original performances have been produced at Aurora Theatre, Atlanta Classical Theatre, and Estrofest Productions.  Theresa is currently workshopping a cabaret tribute to Nina Simone.

In 2007, Theresa began combining her love of storytelling with her talent for performing arts to develop personalized celebrations—one-woman performances at weddings and other celebrations which honor the celebrants through dramatization and song.

Please contact Theresa to book a personalized celebration or for information about writing coaching (books, resumes, speeches, etc.)